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Fast Food Breakfast on the Go!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is essential to eat a good healthy breakfast in order to start-up your metabolism for the day. But what if I’m busy & don’t have time to sit down for breakfast?? Well next time you’re in a hurry, fuel up with these quick yet healthy fast food breakfast options. You’ll be pleasantly surprised…

  1. STARBUCKS: Protein Plate
  2. SUBWAY: Western Egg White & Cheese Muffin Melt
  3. AU BON PAIN: Large Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  4. JAMBA JUICE: 12 oz Mango Peach Topper
  5. MCDONALDS: Scrambled Eggs & English Muffin
  6. JACK IN BOX: Breakfast Jack
  7. BURGER KING: 3-piece French Toast Sticks
  8. Einstein Bros: Pumpernickel Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Whipped Reduced Fat Garlic&Herb Cream Cheese
  9. Dunkin Donuts: Egg White & Cheese Wake-up Wrap

& there you have it, breakfast on the go!

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