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Thirsty Thursday!

Yes, its almost the weekend & since tonight is thirsty thursday I thought I would share some hangover tips 🙂 These food cures may help you get over your hangover a bit quicker. Try them out & let me know!

Next time you wake up with a pulsing headache due to a long night of drinking, Try to:

  1. Eat or Drink something that has fruit in it: Fruits and fruit juices contain a sugar called fructose, which may help your body clear alcohol faster
  2.  Eat some starchy carbs: Carbs such as toast, may help to counteract nausea and low blood sugar
  3. Drink more fluids:  Drinking alcohol causes your body to lose a lot of water. Rehydrating—with water or sports drinks that contain electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium—is a must!
  4. Do some electrolytes: salty soups can replace lost electrolytes, relieving some dehydration: headache, weakness, dizziness.
  5. Catch a buzz: Catch another buzz—a caffeine buzz! This will help relieve that “jet lag” feeling. Coffee, please!

For more information on hangover help, visit www.eatingwell.com


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